The Magna Carta

The Most Important Document Ever Offered at Auction

Issued by King Edward I in 1297

Est. $2O/30 million

Sold for $21,321,000.00 12/18/07

courtesy of Sotheby's

Every day, Resolve40 finds new ways to live artfully in New York City, and for the 3rd year in a row we welcome you back from Miami and invite you to enjoy our seasonal finds.

The first has already made headlines this month - and is bound to make more. Visiting Sotheby's, is always an art-filled delight, but after record-breaking auctions this season, the icing on the cake may turn out to be the sale of the Magna Carta on Tuesday, December 18th at 7PM. Visit Sotheby's to preview this historic document through 5 PM on the day of the auction, as well as many other objects for sale this month - a full schedule (note: Sotheby's will be closed Dec. 22-25, Dec. 29- Jan.1 and Jan. 5-6) is available at Sothebys.


Max Ernst
Tete a Cornes
Gold (23 Carats)
18 x 11.4 cm

Edition of 8 Hallmark signature of the artist,
master goldsmith hallmark and numbered
on the reverse

Courtesy of Neuhoff Edelman Gallery

While there, give yourself a gift of a delicious lunch with a view of winter in the city at the Cafe on the 10th Floor.

Marcia Grostein

Red check vintage crystal - bakelite flowers, sterling silver

Courtesy of Neuhoff Edelman Gallery

Time to carry out the holiday spirit - or perhaps we should say, spirits...Aulden Cellars - Sotheby's is their wine auctioneer - has the perfect bottle and you won't even have to outbid the competition. The inviting shop in the same building at 72nd and York offers an out-of-the-mainstream collection of unusual and artisanal wines, as well as some exceptional cognacs, single-malts and bourbons, to enjoy with friends and family. Reach Aulden Cellars at 1-212-248-4088, they are open every day but Christmas.

Okay, refined as you are, we know our readers do not live by wine alone, and homestyle baked treats are a cold-weather must. Located near favorite destinations like Westbeth, White Columns, Phillips de Pury and the meat-packing district, Sweet Heart occupies a cozy storefront packed with what can only be described as super-sized baked delights, with a delectable homey look that will make you feel like you are visiting the "Outsider Cake Fair."

Give in to temptation - many of Sweet Heart's recipes are health-conscious, and all are hearty and delicious. And we do mean it when we say portions are generous - one patron told us it would take her days to devour her scone! Indeed, we ducked in for espresso and dessert after an enjoyable visit to the nearby Art Bar, and wound up taking home more than half our scrumptious cupcake and macaroon for a Satisfying Sunday breakfast. Try light fare like the house-made impends and soups for a mid-shopping warm-up. Sweet Heart is at 69 Eighth Avenue, reach them at 1-212-807-1125

If you need a more surface appeal to your sweets, you can't frame your cake and eat it too, but chef Angela Chauca creates delectable masterpieces that will make you want to do just that. At first sight, one of her Christmas cakes, a wrapped package design, looked like a gorgeous ceramic centerpiece, You'll find Angela making that cake, and others, at her website - making that cake Her well-dressed gingerbread guy was the most elegant we've ever seen.

Speaking of fashion, when was the last time you tried on clothing and sipped a martini in a dressing room? It won't happen at Macy's, so after ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the wonderful wearables pictured on this page and many more at Neuhoff Gallery, visit the Lower East Side's retail "triptych" and community hub, the Dressing Room, where upstairs you shop the designer co-op, socialize at the bar, or relax in the lounge. Head downstairs for part 3, the Clothing Exchange where you can buy, sell, or trade fashion finds for cash, credit or, yes, even drinks! Treat a stylish someone, maybe yourself, to a Dressing Room excursion as a holiday gift.


Resolve40 wishes you art, warmth and joy this holiday season. We also remind you that it is also a time to give and share with our neighbors, and this year in particular there is a call to fill the city's food banks, as they do not have enough on hand. Won't you think of taking a moment and donating part of your holiday budget to the NYC Coalition Against Hunger or City Harvest

Wishing everyone a bright and beautiful New Year,

The Editors




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